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That is the mission of IPDS.

Our customers rely on us as their trusted advisors to help build and maintain a critically elite IT environment.

From small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies, IPDS clients have trusted us with their IT visions year after year.

Our engineers understand every aspect of the data center from servers and storage, to hyper-converged systems and public clouds.

Welcome to the tech powerhouse of knowledge and talent.

Who We Are

We were the customers. We’ve walked the mile in your shoes. Now we are the seasoned vets, with an ideology built upon trust, communication and expertise.

What We Do

We live by a “customer first” mentality, and strive to deliver nothing short of IT excellence.

“Your IT Vision, Delivered.”


They’ve got all of the talent and services capabilities and really helped us focus on what our three-year roadmap was going to be. Aligned with their own strategies, they make sure we’re operating at 100% in our data centers.

Nick Hennessy | Senior Director, Global Infrastructure

So, why IPDS? Ask him.

If the Senior Director of Global Infrastructure for a $5.2 billion American sports equipment & apparel company chooses to trust IPDS with his complete IT vision, then we must know a thing or two.

Our Process

Based on customer requirements, we design best-in-class solutions for the most demanding application environments, in every industry and vertical.

With nearly 2 centuries of collective IT Engineering experience, IPDS’ Implementation Engineers will blaze the trail to success for your IT environment.

Beyond implementation, optimization is our specialty. We solve complex business challenges while delivering maximum value from your infrastructure investment.

Customers can choose their level of support: monitoring, alert management, patching & security updates, optimization services, asset management, and reporting.

Digital Transformation Services

IPDS Cloud Services extend your on-premise data center into the public clouds while maintaining proper security and optimization of cloud resources.

IPDS provides Servers, Networks, Storage Systems, Hyper-Converged Systems and the expertise to know what’s best for your needs.

IPDS provides a comprehensive portfolio of services and capabilities that will ensure a secure, robust network that meets today’s needs and is positioned for tomorrow’s requirements.

IPDS provides on-premise and As-a-Service solutions to protect your information assets from every threat scenario, including ransomware.


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What Our Customers Say About Us

I wanted to express my THANKS for another project well done! Dave and Brian did an excellent job, and as stated by my director below, Great Planning and Execution. Fantastic job everyone, way to go! 

I would say it was the fastest and most painless install I have gone through to date. Kudos to Dave on a job well done. I am continuing the config today and hopefully I can bring up all the interfaces without issue. 

I wanted to send an email expressing how much we appreciate the support given by Ralph Engel from IP Datasystems. He went above and beyond the call of duty (to coin an expression)! 

Yes, everything has been completed to our satisfaction. Thank you for your team’s attentiveness and creativeness in getting this completed!  

We had a lot of internal issues – cabling and such – but even those were worked on by your team to the best of their ability. Thank you for your team’s effort. Much appreciated. 

All is going well and we continue our work on the new infrastructure. I can honestly say that the deployment by Kevin and Artie was the best deployment I have ever been a part of. Kudos for their experience and dedication to the project! 

…yet another data point where IPDS went above and beyond to make sure our business continues to run smoothly despite another technical glitch from DellEMC. IPDS took 10 minutes to double check that we were safe and likely avoided a severity one incident in the process that surely would have been devastating. 

Thank you for all the help getting it going and the knowledge transfer. Artie was excellent and answered every single one of our questions. Roger and I both feel confident that we made the right choice going with IPDS. 

I want you to know that we recognize the extra pieces you guys do and appreciate your hard work that often gets missed or rolled into larger things that aren’t really a part of the work you are technically contracted for. As a customer, this approach is the Value in value added reseller. 

Thanks for reaching out to check on ourmigration effort. Just catching my breath now! We’re very happy with the help your team provided… all extended help beyond the call of duty and not a single one of them left the place without making sure everything was to our satisfaction. 

Wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all, especially Don and Dan for their continuous cooperation and commitment to get VxRail platform deployed, making Driven-IT understand best practice deployment, and get VxRail hyperconverged cluster nodes up and running. 

I wanted to make sure Chris was acknowledged… he has consistently supplied important information, and always willing to meet to keep us on target. This is an admirable quality in our business, so if you can forward on to his management that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Chris for a job well done! 

Workdays in a noisy datacenter cage are not so pleasant. Dan and Don did a fantastic job working tirelessly throughout the day yesterday. It’s truly an accomplishment that we all can count on… to keep IT in-line and on-time with business requirements. Thanks again everyone for your assistance with this project. 

Your team has been so very helpful and supportive that I felt an email should be sent to express our gratitude for your support and assistance. Ralph always goes that extra step to make sure the customer has what they need and always follows up on any work he assists in doing. I wanted to express how much we appreciate his help! 

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