Consumption Based Economics

Companies are increasingly embracing converged infrastructure that promises both technical and business efficiencies. These efficiencies are derived from pre-integration of IT components that allows for faster deployment and generally shifts IT focus towards delivering business value vs. maintaining infrastructure.


IPDS has partnered with a major financial institution to deliver a consumption-based utility financial services model for on premise IT infrastructure. This innovative new approach to financing allows companies to deploy on premise or hybrid converged infrastructure with a “pay as you consume” model.


How is My Bill Calculated?

Accurately compare, measure and track with kWAC. The WAC (Workload Allocation Cube) aggregates the six underlying utilization metrics required to operate any software application:

  • CPU (MHz)
  • Memory (MB)
  • Storage (GB)
  • Disk I/O (KB/s)
  • LAN I/O (KB/s0
  • WAN I/O (KB/s)

Total computing capacity is measured in kWACs (1000 WACs = 1 kWAC) per hour.

Cost Allocation & Chargeback


Consumption metering and reporting provides the tools for accurate chargeback and departmental cost center allocation -- promoting rational usage behavior and cost transparency.

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