IT Infrastructure Assessment

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How does our IT Infrastructure Assessment work?

The IPDS assessment service covers a wide range of vendors and products. Each targets a specific infrastructure component in scope but can also cover a multitude of components in a more specific hybrid approach. The goals of the service are to gather relevant information via tools and interviews as needed then analyze, assess, and document the system. 

The IPDS IT Infrastructure Assessment is a scoped project with standard deliverables. Our engineers use industry standard tools along with client personnel interviews to discover and document the system.

Key findings give our engineers a clear picture of the targeted environment, so they may perform activities necessary to ensure up-to-date support levels and remediate any areas that might introduce unnecessary risk to the environment. 

How We Work

IPDS works with clients through integrated teams of sales professionals, sales engineers, and implementation engineers. Our teams gather information, understand requirements and craft solutions that work. Let us know when you’re ready to begin the conversation!

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