The Workforce is Evolving

Where and how people work is changing fast. From corridor warriors, to engineers, to field workers you can give every kind of user the technology they need to help them work the way they want. IPDS gives you highly tailored devices designed for the unique ways people work. Find out which solution is right for you.

IPDS has patterned with Dell EMC to provide the full range of End-User Computing solutions for today's evolving workforce.

Workforce Transformation


By taking the time to understand your current state: hardware, applications, inventory/device management, security practices, VDI initiatives, tele-work initiatives and end user classifications. We will make educated recommendation on how best to move your EUC environment into the Future with Dell’s future ready EUC ecosystem.


Remote Office, Small Office, Home Office, Branch Office, or full time mobile office. We will use our design knowledge to make best in class recommendations for a perfect deployment each time. Leveraging Dell’s best in breed OTB deployment and IPDS’s deep bench of engineers you will have a flawless deployment each time regardless of the locale.


After the fun of designing and deploying your future-ready environment, the real work of day-to-day management begins. IPDS is there to help you understand how to improve processes, leverage your current tools better and make recommendations for tools and best practices you may not even be aware of.

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