Premier Partner

As a Premier VMware partner for Data Center Virtualization, our team has the technical knowledge to assist in the most complex architectures. IPDS has helped many customers streamline the VMware environment and make it more robust at the same time. We’ve been a VMware partner since the inception of our company in 2007.

Principal partners are the most qualified partners in VMware Partner Connect and with this distinction, they demonstrate a broad range of expertise and the ability to best serve their customers’ needs. To become a VMware Principal Partner, IPDS had to achieve a Master Services Competency (MSC) for Data Center Virtualization.

vmware principal partner data center virtualization

Principal Partner:
Data Center Virtualization

Our Master Services Competency is for Data Center Virtualization – expertise in VMware vSphere® environments and real-world environment solutions and services delivery. Achieving this competency validates a deep understanding of data center virtualization design principles and methodologies and leverages best practices that provide a scalable and reliable virtualization platform.
Each MSC requires advanced technical certifications and proof of high-level service capability and expertise validated by customers.

References – services delivery expertise must be demonstrated by providing customer references for recently completed projects that validates expertise in a specific VMware solution area

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