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Our Story

IP Datasystems, or IPDS, was founded in 2007 by a small team of IT industry veterans with a long history of supporting mission-critical IT systems for very large companies. The unique demands of those important systems resulted in a culture of excellence, for solutions and for support. Failure wasn’t an option.

The IT landscape has changed quite a bit since 2007, but the importance of IT to our customers and our commitment to excellence continues. Today there are more IT infrastructure products for the data center than ever before. The emergence of public cloud providers has given customers a compelling new option for supporting their most important applications. Finding the correct solution for your specific needs is more difficult than ever.

At IPDS, we work with these technologies and solve new problems every day.

That’s why customers trust IPDS to help find and implement the right solution for them. We’ve experienced strong, reference-driven growth from day one. Our customers are our top priority and they’ve rewarded us with their continuing trust year after year. Our very first customer back in 2007, is still a customer of ours today.

Our Logo

Created by our own Co-Founder and Principal Technologist, Sebastian Ojanguren, his original idea was to display the diversity of our backgrounds not only in technology, but also in life. The color changing leaves represent that pretty well!

Our Contracts

Maryland, State of MD Hardware 2012

Maryland, MEEC

DC, DC Vendor

Virginia, VHEPC

National, NASPO

National, OMNIA

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