Managed Security Operations

Managed Security Operations

IPDS provides fully managed security solutions for your organization. These are a perfect fit for customers who do not have the budget to build their own security practice.

The IPDS Solutions provide: 

Managed Detection
& Response

Security logs are collected, enriched, & analyzed by a team dedicated to your organization. This allows broad visibility into your environment, unlimited event data, and on-demand access to logs. In enriching the data, solution allows focus on the important data with broad correlation and actionable threat intelligence. Our solution leverages advanced machine learning allowing you to take advantage of the power of the cloud to detect threats quickly while reducing alert fatigue. 

Risk Operations

This offering provides access to a concierge team dedicated to your organization. If you or your organization do not have a security team, or are having difficulty hiring a team, these engineers will work with you to prioritize discovered vulnerabilities and assist in resolving.

Our team monitors 24×7 and becomes your trusted security advisor by holding regular meetings to review your security posture.

Managed Security Awareness

Our training platform provides innovative and cutting edge content with industry-based content tracks and supplemental role-based additions.

The content provided is not the typical boring content distributed with other solutions. It has the ability to integrate compliance training covering topics such as PIC, HIPPA, Title IX, FERPA, etc. 

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