Disaster Recovery

In any industry, threats to your data are a constant. We have partnered with the industry leaders in Disaster Recovery to make sure our customer data is always completely recoverable. We help our customers establish and maintain a disaster recovery and/or business continuity strategies.

IPDS can ensure that our customers can rest their heads at night knowing that their data is completely recoverable in the case of any type of disaster.

Solution Strategies:

Backup Solution exists 100% inside the data center.

This is the general first step to move data offsite.

White Glove Support 24×7 to recover data.

Custom Solution

We can create a tailor-made combination of any or all DR options specific to your needs.

Disaster Recovery Scenarios:

  • Ransomware or malware incidents
  • Server hardware failures
  • Third party SaaS/Cloud failures
  • Data and security breaches
  • Loss of data through corruption, failure, or viruses
  • Phishing incidents
  • Network infrastructure failures
  • Major ISP outages
  • Major Weather Incidents

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