Cloud Services

IPDS Cloud consultants extend on-premises data centers into cloud service provider environments and perform full application re-platforming, refactoring, and new development for native cloud environments, while ensuring optimal security and cost.

Hybrid Cloud

IPDS Hybrid Cloud portfolio focuses on extending your on-premises datacenter into the cloud. Customers utilizing the approach have been able to maximize agility and elevate business outcomes utilizing existing technical resources and management tools to manage the environments while providing access to cloud native resources.

Cloud Native

Gain engineering advantage over competitors by adopting cloud rapid deployment models while developing solutions to transform your business. Utilize DevOps models and modern app development to accelerate your business needs. 

Advantages of IPDS Cloud First

Improved Time to Market




Cloud Services

Rearchitect your current IT stack by migrating legacy workloads to the cloud.  Provide existing applications stacks cloud native resiliency by utilizing cloud scale and provide legacy applications access to cloud native functionality. 

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